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Q. At what point do I call in a builder?

A. This is completely up to you. While some builders prefer to see the final building plans before they get involved, the team at Team Renovate like to be with you from the very start. This approach will help determine exactly what you want and need and the budget you are working with.
It won’t cost you to call Team Renovate in right at the get-go, and it might even save you.

Q. Do we have to use an LBP (Licensed Building Practitioner) and what are they?

A. A Licensed Building Practitioner is a builder who is licensed to carry out restricted building work. Click here to learn more.

Q. Do I need building consent?

A. Building consent will depend on the plans of the building, extension or addition. For further inform please click here. If building consent is required the team at Team Renovate would be happy to help you with the submission process.

Typically, you need a permit for structural work, when the living area of the home is changed, or when mechanical systems such as electrical, gas or plumbing are modified. Team Renovate will obtain all necessary permits for your project and are responsible for compliance.

Q. How much does building cost?

A. The project costs depends on what you are planning to build what rooms will be renovated, extended and added. Additions and renovations always cost more than new builds because of the amount of work you need to do before building work commences. At Team Renovate we provide a break-down of the project and itemised costs involved so you know exactly what the building work will cost.

Q.How can we ensure the project stays within our budget?

A. The best way to ensure you stay within budget is to enter into a full build contract with your builder. Will we discuss all involved costs such as kitchens, cabinetry and carpets so you know exactly what is included in the price.

Q. What contract options are available?

Full Build Contract: With this type of contract you receive a written, fixed price action plan from start to finish. We organise all aspects of the build, keeping you informed but taking the stress off your shoulders. You know what the project will cost, and any over-runs are our problem.

Cost Plus: This type of contract includes materials and a builder’s margin. It’s a pay-as-you-go arrangement, with no guarantees.

Labour only: For this option you will need to hire all subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers and painters yourself, plus a project manager, unless you can oversee the project yourself.

Project management: For a set fee, you get someone to oversee the building project for you, which includes arranging delivery of all materials and coordinating any subcontractors. With a full build a project manager is included in the price.

Q. How long does building consent take?

A. The time it takes to receive building consent depends on the complexity of your building work and whether or not you have provided your local Council with all the required information. The legal time frame for processing building consents is 20 working days. The processing of building consents involves several aspects such as planning, designing, engineering and plumbing.

Q. Why employ a Master Builder?

A. Many of reasons to employ a Master Builder can be found here.

Q. Will we be able to live in our house while building work is being done?

A. At Team Renovate we will discuss options with you when we sign a building contract and establish a plan that best suits your needs at the time. There are some projects however that require full vacancy of the site when work is being carried out – this is mainly due to health and safety regulations however, we have completed many projects where clients have been able to remain in the home while building work is completed.

Q. How close to the boundary can we build?

A. It depends on your local council’s zoning regulations and plans.

Q. Why do I need a qualified builder for my renovation?

A. You may need council permits, inspections, various building materials, and a range of trades to complete the work. A qualified builder manages all those aspects, and ensures the workmanship satisfies building codes and requirements.

Q. What insurance is recommended?

A. Reputable builders, such as Team Renovate, have Public Liability and Contractors All Risk insurance for new build projects. For work on an existing property, such as extensions, additions and renovations, Team Renovate can discuss the best insurance options with you.

Q. What guarantee do you offer?

A. Team Renovate offer you a 10 year Home First Builders Guarantee through the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. This guarantee covers you for:

  • Loss of deposit
  • Non completion of the project
  • Structural defects
  • Alternative accommodation

Q. Aren’t building companies all the same?

A. Many building companies are overseas owned and don’t build for New Zealand conditions. Team Renovate is 100% NZ owned and we build for NZ conditions with our own teams of qualified, local tradespeople.

Q. When can we start the building work?

A. Once any required building consent needed for your project is received then you can start the building work immediately.

Q. What happens when changes have to be made once work has started?

Changes by the builder

In the building plans and specifications there will be detailed instructions about what products the builder is to install. If a substitution is required by the builder or a subcontractor, building materials of equivalent quality will be installed. Your building contract will contain conditions that prohibit variations or alterations to be made without your consent or written instructions. If these changes affected the building consent, you will be informed as soon as possible.

When you ask for changes

If you change your mind about anything in the renovation or building plan, talk to your designer, project manager or builder so they can help you to decide if the variation is really necessary and how much it will cost. Changes may require a new or rewritten building consent, or it may turn out that it can’t be done anyway. Try to avoid these as much as possible as changes are likely to cost you more money and time.

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